October Forecast 2017


       The Full Moon in Aries on October 5th forces us to look at our relationships to see if we have a balance between our individuality and commitments to others. Mars and Venus will be joined together in the service sign of Virgo making a challenging aspect to Saturn. Working on our relationships is the key to understanding the energy of this month.

       Jupiter will leave the sign of Libra and enter Scorpio on the 10th and will travel approximately for a year through this sign. Scorpio represents shared resources, so it’s interesting that the new tax plan will be revealed and debated at this time. Wall Street might go on a wild ride of ups and downs during the debate on what will end up going through.

       Due to Mars being square Saturn this month, we will feel as though we are ramming against a wall. This is especially difficult for those who don’t like obstacles put in their path. The best way to get through this is to tackle the things we can control and let go of the things we can’t.

       The New Moon on the 19th (my birthday), will be in opposition to rebellious Uranus. All the Libras out there should do something they have never done before by themselves. By the 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio and Mars goes into Libra. It’s back to working on our relationships.

September Forecast 2017


       The first week of the month has Mercury and Mars together in Leo, so this is the last eruption tying the Leo Solar Eclipse to the energy of someone forcing their will upon you. This will begin to abate as Mars will move into Virgo and Mercury will come out of retrograde on the 10th and also enter Virgo.

       Virgo wants to fix things, so now is the time to repair all the damage from the previous month and move from force to helping and understanding. All of the inner planets move into Virgo this month, which also includes a New Moon on the 19th. Where Leo represents ego and self will, Virgo is to serve above self. It is interesting that all of the human discourse and attacks in the previous months has now given way to humanitarian efforts for each other in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. It takes nature to show us at the end of the day, we are all human and in this together.

       We will experience the last opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. All current legal troubles will be highlighted and need to be dealt with. The Virgo energy of this month helps fix the conflicts that have been ongoing. Get a mediator if you are not able to do this yourself. The Sun moves into the justice sign of Libra on the 23rd helping with compromise. Pluto in Capricorn will make a favorable aspect to Mercury. These favorable combinations will open up the possibility of coming to a win/win outcome.



       With Pluto making its third square to Jupiter on the 4th and Uranus goes retrograde in Aries on the 2nd, the first week of the month creates a dynamic where people try and force their beliefs on you. Arguments will heat up and this will create tension and irritability. Mars is also conjunct the Sun in Leo which makes this all the worse. Keep your distance from overbearing outside forces.

       The Aquarius Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 7th makes you feel like you don’t want to belong to anyone else’s agenda. Saturn has been retrograde in Sagittarius which rules our beliefs. This has made us go in and reevaluate what is true for us individually versus what others may want for us.

       The powerful solar eclipse on the 21st is a super New Moon. It takes place in the sign of your creative self will, Leo. This signals a time of major endings and beginnings. It asks you if you are truly in command of who you really are, or are outside influences still directing your journey. Is your Soul voice guiding you? If not, then what is, because this is where the change needs to come from.

       The Sun will move into the service sign of Virgo on the 22nd. On the 25th Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius. So now that you have decided who you really are and what you believe to be true for only you, the next step is to give that to those who would want and value it.



       This fourth of July weekend has the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in the sign of Cancer. Family gatherings will abound, but be cautious. These planets have hard aspects to Pluto and Jupiter, meaning family members may try and force their beliefs and ideas onto you. Family always has the most powerful influence on us, but you may have moved on from the messages of your childhood, so don’t be swayed by the memory of something that no longer falls into your belief system of where you are now.

       Emotional upheavals are bound to happen when the Full Moon joining Pluto in Capricorn happens on the 8th. Try and stay objective to what others are saying to you. If you take things too personally, you are bound to come off defending yourself and engaging in a conflict that might get out of control.

       Mercury enters Leo this month. This makes us want to put a stamp on what we think is important and to lose objectivity in our thinking. You will demand to be heard. Venus also enters Leo this month which will make you want to buy something extravagant and turn on the romantic gene.

       The New Moon around the 22nd and 23rd has the Sun and Moon enter Leo and join Mars. They will make a hard aspect to Uranus in Aries. This intense fire energy will create tremendous clashes of egos and possible accidents or violence. Be careful of getting into conflicts with others who force their will on you. This energy could also heat up the atmosphere making July a very hot month.


       A conjunction between Uranus and Venus in Aries introduces the first week of this month highlighting volatility in relationships. On one hand, if your current relationship is not stable, this could sever it completely. On the other hand, this could spark the beginning of a new one that comes out of nowhere. With Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn during this time, you might have trouble moving in one direction or another.

       On the 4th, Mars moves into Cancer, taking our direction toward security and family. If tension is going on in your relationship struggles, this could cause tummy issues. If you are feeling insecure and fear of losing your dependency, then fear will play out in the stomach, especially if you have a Sun or Moon in Cancer.

       The Full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius might make you want to gamble or overindulge, but with the restrictive sign of Saturn sitting next to it, puts the kibosh on that reaction. It would be best to restrict any activity that would financially put you at risk.

       Neptune retrogrades on the 16th. This helps us turn inward for our answers and desires. This is a good time to begin a  meditation routine which helps you get in touch with your spiritual side.

       The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th marking the Summer Solstice. Again this increases interest in security and family affairs. This is a good time for domestic issues and home repairs.

May 2017 Forecast

The first half of this month has Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. Information will seem to come at us at lightning speed. This is a good time to think outside the box and come up with new ways of seeing and doing things. This combination can give one a genius idea that comes from an intuitive impulse. On the down side, be careful of accidents and impulsively jumping to wrong conclusions, especially while Mercury is retrograde until the 4th.
Communication seems to be the theme of the month with Mars in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. The middle of the month has Mars squaring Neptune in Pisces. This can be a very deceptive energy. Don’t let others try and deceive you into believing what isn’t true. With Jupiter making a favorable aspect to Mars at the same time, listen to your own truth, so you can sort through the external noise.
Venus enters Aries this month and has two important aspects. One is a square to Saturn, which will make you look at all of the imperfections in your relationships. The other is an opposition to Jupiter, which makes you want more than you have. A scary proposition if you ask me. Since the Mercurial energy rules this month, again I warn you about jumping to conclusions.
The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th asks us to transform our desires from selfish concerns and look to others as a way to see that we all belong together in our need to feel connected.